How The Family Can Prepare The Home For The Newborn Baby

You must be excited about this significant change – a new addition to your family. And we know that you are stressed out too. You’re probably worrying about whether you’ve done enough to prepare all that they will need when they come out. We understand your stress, and that’s why we’ve got you! Here is how you and your family can ease into this significant change and prepare your home for the newborn baby.

Do A General House Cleaning


A baby is a bundle of joy in the home. But having a newborn can also be taxing as they need your constant attention and care, making it difficult for you to perform regular tasks – such as cleaning the house.

So before the baby comes, have a general cleaning day with the rest of the family. Doing this reduces the stress and the time needed to dust and vacuum your home. Organizing your house will help you prepare it for the new baby and make it easier to live in it when the baby comes.

Inspect Your Home

Prevention is always better than a cure is what the adage says. So before the baby comes, you must do a safety check of every room and corner of your home. These are what you must tick off during the home inspection:

  • Store and lock breakables in a high storage
  • Cover all exposed outlets and hide wires
  • Fence off unsafe parts of the home (e.g., stairs, kitchen)
  • Put sharp cover protectors on sharp edges of furniture
  • Put locks on doors and cabinets
  • Put away tiny objects that can be easily swallowed by babies

Your newborn may not start crawling after six to eight months. But you will be using most of your time taking care of them in those months in between that you may begin to forget baby-proofing your house. So better do it before you even bring them home.

Restock Home Necessities And Baby Essentials


Taking care of a newborn may take all your time, attention, and energy, especially when you do not have somebody else to assist you. Because of this, you may not be available to shop for essentials for some time. So before you give birth, restock your home necessities. The essentials include easy-to-cook food, condiments, disposable dinnerware, laundry stuff, cleaning materials, and bathroom supplies.

You must also prepare for your baby’s basic needs. Some of those include baby soap, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, formula, and clothes. Doing this will lessen your stress and anxiety when those sleepless nights come along with the baby.

Arrange The Baby’s And The Parents’ Room


Ask yourself, “where will the baby sleep when it comes home? Will it have its own room or will stay in the parents’ room?” Understanding the sleeping arrangements will define where the beddings, clothes, and diapers will stay.

Knowing where the baby will rest will also help you make that room the optimal sleeping environment for you and your newborn. Sleeping as much as you can is needed in the first few months of living with the tiny human. So sleeping essentials may include pacifiers, white noise machines, humidifiers, blackout curtains, and cribs.

If you have a separate room for your baby, you will need baby monitors, a nursing station, and a changing station. If you can afford to go extra, having a comfortable rocking chair is a luxury that you deserve.

Prepare A Bathroom Setup

Your newborn will need not only a change of diapers but also baths. So another must prepare for them is a proper bath setup. Some bathing essentials include a baby bathtub, washcloths, baby soap, and bath towels.

A tip for choosing baby tubs: find one that you can easily stow away when not in use. Then also remember to buy soaps that are suitable for the baby’s skin as the regular soap we use is too harsh for their delicate skin.

Prepare The Family


Your home does not only include your house but also your family. So if you have other children, you must also prepare them for the new addition to your household. When to break the news to them will depend on how young your other children are. Toddlers have a limited sense of time, so telling them about the new baby months before they come out will only bring them anxiety.

Tovah P Klein Ph.D. further shares, “I recommend waiting as long as you can, and then tell your little one with concrete details.” She adds, ”Waiting until the last month to tell your child will keep the whole family happier.”

Younger kids may take a longer time to process this information and to adjust to the new setup. So it is also essential to prepare yourself and your partner for tantrums, jealousy, and regression. An unlimited understanding is what your other children need when the baby comes home.

An additional member of the family can always spark joy and happiness. But it can also cause stress and lots of sleepless nights. So we hope our guide can help prepare your home and your family before the newborn comes and help save you from a lot of unnecessary anxiety in the future.



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