What Pregnant Women Can’t Do Due To COVID-19

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My husband and I can barely contain our excitement about the fact that I am already in the sixth month of my pregnancy. We are closer than ever to meeting our first child, you see. We have been waiting for this baby for almost seven years. We tried every possible method to conceive and almost gave up one too many times. Perhaps everything was meant to happen when it’s supposed to happen, though, so we now have this miracle.

You can say that we are prepared to take care of our firstborn. If you talk to my mom, she may say that we are too ready for it. After all, we had already bought everything a newborn might need as soon as we learned about the child’s gender (It’s a boy!). Crib, changing table, clothes, diapers—we got it all.

The only thorn that I can see in our path to happiness is the coronavirus. It has caused a pandemic throughout the globe in the last few months. Some countries are still on lockdown as we speak. Many others are trying to get back on their feet as they remember the people they lost due to COVID-19.

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In the United States, government officials are considering easing the quarantine regulations. More stores should be able to return to business soon. People do not need to stay cooped up in their residence 24/7, either.

Despite all that, a pregnant woman like me needs a total lockdown to keep my baby safe from the viral disease. Here are a few things that I have been unable to do, no thanks to coronavirus.

Get Some Groceries

Going to the supermarket had become a far-fetched dream ever since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the city. Even my husband was not allowed to do it because he might bring the virus home. All we could do instead was order groceries from Target.

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Whenever the deliveryman would come, we would always ask him to bring the bags in the garage. My husband would only collect them after 24 hours to ensure that any virus sticking to the items had already died.

Go To Work

As an ER doctor, I should be exempted from quarantine. I need to go to work now more than ever, considering thousands of individuals require testing for COVID-19. Unfortunately, it is impractical for a pregnant woman to be in any hospital right now. All I can do is call my colleagues from time to time and pray for their safety.

Order Food From Restaurants

During my first trimester, I often craved the amatriciana from a nearby Italian restaurant. I used to order that pasta every single day until the owner had to close the restaurant at the beginning of quarantine. Although they eventually reopened, it did not seem smart to resume this little habit of mine.

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Book A Prenatal Appointment

Yes, I cannot even go to my prenatal appointment these days. My OB-GYN tested positive for COVID-19 two weeks, so she could not see her patients at the moment. We had no choice but to wait for our city to be free from coronavirus before setting a new appointment.

Final Thoughts

This year may not be an ideal time to birth a baby—I get that. The world is facing an invisible and deadly enemy, and we can only do so much to avoid getting hurt because of it.

I will never want to turn back time and be in my non-pregnant self again during a pandemic. Nonetheless, there is no harm in hoping that this nightmare will end way before my due date.

May God bless all of us!

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