Single Parenting During Pregnancy and After



No women want to ever go through pregnancy alone or even be a single parent for that matter. However, a lot of women have gone through the pregnancy, delivery and raised their child without the help of a partner. It’s understandable for women to feel unwanted and unloved during this time. Single parenting also leaves them feeling unappreciated. Whatever, the reason might have been for yours and your partners break up, you must move on and leave the past behind. You can live a happy life with your child and now is the time to start planning.


Tips on How to Handle Being a Single Parent During Pregnancy and After 


You’re not alone in this. There has been a numerous number of women who have been abandoned by their partners after they had found out that was pregnant. At first, these women were terrified of being alone but they managed and are now raising their children successfully.

“Being a single parent is NOT easy—no one ever said that it was. But people often don’t take into account exactly how stressful it can be,” writes Barton Goldsmith Ph.D.

Celebrate Your Pregnancy:




You don’t need a partner to be able to this. Organize a baby shower and get professional photography done so that you can cherish the memory of your pregnancy.

Get Legal and Financial Help:

If you need financial help, consider claiming maintenance from the father. You will also need to seek legal help for visitation rights and custody etc. Legally, both parents are liable to support their child.

Plan Your Leave from Work:

If you are working, you will need to take maternity leave. You could even try asking your employee for some flexibility with your working hours, maybe allowing you to start a little later or letting you leave early. Or you could ask them if they’d allow you to work from home on some days.

Find a Birth Partner:

If the father is not going to be around on the day that you give birth, you should consider finding someone else to be there for you on the day that you give birth. You could ask your mother, a sister, or a close friend. You might find it difficult to ask them, but they will be honored to be a part of such an important event in your life.

Find Support from Others:

Even if it means that you move in with your parents for a little while after you have given birth. Accept support from others whether its family or friends. By having the support of these people, you won’t feel the absence of your partner and your child will also feel loved while growing up.

“A single man or woman deciding to become a parent is likely to have a strong, built-in support system,” writes Susan Newman Ph.D.

Meet Other Single Moms:



There are lots of other single moms out there and you can connect with them. You can attend support groups in your community or search online for support groups for single mothers. You will get endless support from others who are also faced with the same issues as you.

Seek Therapy if You Need to:

If you have been severely depressed and unable to cope with your pregnancy and life. Or if you are really suffering from the heartbreak of losing your partner, then it might be time to seek professional help. A counselor can advise you on how to move forward and help you with working on your emotions.

“Inform yourself through research, therapy, or support groups about how psychological wounds might play out in your day-to-day feelings and interactions,” writes Marika Lindholm Ph.D.

Focus on Your Future:

It’s time to move forward. You can make decisions all by yourself for your baby. Meet new people, date other men. Live your life to the fullest. If you want to study further, you can even do it online. This will allow you to have time for your baby. Don’t despair, and don’t lose hope. Single parenting makes women stronger emotionally.

Reference: Belly Belly

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