Natural Birth vs C-Section


Natural Birth vs C-Section

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After you have received the wonderful news that you are expecting a bundle of joy. You might be wondering how to bring your bundle into this world. It’s one of the things that you need to decide. In today’s times, we have a choice of giving birth naturally or having a C-section. Both births have pros and cons. Before deciding, you might want to have a closer look at both options. You should also plan ahead so that you can make the necessary hospital bookings etc.

The Pros of a Natural Birth:



Natural birth was the only way of giving birth around 50 years ago. Besides that, you can recover much quicker from a natural birth than a C-section. You are also much more likely to spend less time in the hospital. Moms get a natural high after delivering her baby and it also strengthens the bond between mom and baby. The mom can also feed her baby after birth. Babies are also less likely to suffer from breathing problems at birth. All or most of the water and fluids get pushed out during delivery.

The Cons of a Natural Birth:

Apart from it being a painful experience, there’s a chance that women can suffer from vaginal tearing. The tissues and skin around the vaginal area can tear. If the mother has been in labor for a long period of time, the baby is at risk of being born with a bruised scalp.

The Pros of a C-Section:



The risk of the mom being traumatized is much lower than giving birth naturally. The trauma risk is much lower than a natural birth, especially if something goes wrong. C-sections are also scheduled which makes it more convenient than waiting to into labor. If the mom has an STD or HIV, the chances to these infections passing onto the baby are reduced. With C-section births, you won’t suffer from vaginal tearing and episiotomy.

The Cons of a C-Section Birth:

More blood is lost during a C-section birth than a natural delivery. The babies are more likely to have respiratory problems such as asthma. It also takes much longer for the mom to recover from a C-section birth than a natural delivery. You also must stay in the hospital a little longer. At times, the baby is premature and the C-section is performed too early. Breastfeeding is also more difficult, because of the pain and discomfort. The risks of post-partum infections are also much greater. Babies that have been delivered by C-section may still have water in their lungs, during a normal delivery the water usually gets squeezed and pushed out. Children that are born by C-section are also more likely to suffer from obesity. The babies that are born by C-section are also exposed to a more sterile environment, whereas with babies that are born by a natural delivery are exposed to gut bacteria. This gut bacteria helps them with fighting off allergies. C-sections are also more costly than natural births. In some complicated cases, there’s a risk of the surgeon cutting your bladder and bowels accidently. There’s also a risk of blood clotting in the veins for the mom.

When Are Emergency C-Sections Performed:

In some cases, an emergency C-section might be required. This can happen for a number of reasons such as:

  • Issues with either the umbilical cord or placenta.
  • The baby’s heart rate decreases or their movement decreases.
  • Labor is taking too long or not progressing.
  • Some babies might be too big to fit through the birth canal.
  • When the baby breached.




Weigh all the pros and cons accordingly. You should also consult your doctor or gynecologist for further advice on which birthing option is most suitable for you. It’s also recommended that you have skin to skin contact with your baby directly after birth. Wish you the best of luck on your birthing journey!

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