How To Make Labor Pains Less Painful


Even moms that are expecting their first child already know what to expect and know that labor pains are indeed painful. Childbirth is one of the most physically painful experiences. However, there are some techniques and ways that can help with easing the pain a bit and also making it quicker. Most of the time, people hear horrific labor stories and bad experiences. Don’t let this scare you, some have had easy and quick childbirth experiences.

Here are some tips that can make labor pains less painful and quicker, as well as other tips to help you on your big day:

Educate Yourself About Labor:

Educate yourself about labor. You can do this by attending classes, reading magazines, visiting pregnancy, mommy magazines and blogs. You can also ask your doctor to provide you with all the necessary information. This way you can be well prepared and know exactly what to expect, so there are no surprises on that day.

“It has been shown that women who participate in some sort of prenatal education class have lower rates of complications and better pain control,” writes Shawn A. Tassone M.D.

Ask Your Doctor or Health Care Provider About Any Questions that You Might Have:

If you have any concerns or anything that you might be worried about, don’t feel afraid to ask. They can also provide you with the best advice.




Cardio exercises are great for pregnancy. Walking and biking are good cardio exercise. These exercises are also good for blood circulation. Your body also releases endorphins whilst exercising, even walking. These endorphins improve your mood. By walking during pregnancy, especially during the last semester will help with making labor pains less painful and it will also go much faster. Buy a pregnancy ball. You can also take up a Pilates and yoga class. These stretch based exercises are good for you during pregnancy, they will keep you fit and they will help you when you are in labor. Some squats are also good exercises to do during pregnancy.

Breathing exercises are also good to do not only during pregnancy but also when you go into labor. They help with relieving the pain. By practicing these exercises during pregnancy, it will also help with training your mind to concentrate to focus on the breathing rather than the pain that’s endured.

“[Exercise] produces inflammation and generates oxidative damage, causing micro-traumas in our muscles which our body then repairs during rest. While those might not sound like positive results (it certainly doesn’t read like it), all of these stresses and physical micro-traumas become small stimulants to healing that induce our whole system to repair itself and keep us in proper health,” writes Wayne Jonas M.D.


Some women choose to have epidurals to reduce labor and childbirth pain. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if you decide to choose to have them. After all, labor pains are excruciating. Epidurals are chemical anesthesia that’s injected into the spinal cord. It numbs the body from the waist down, which makes it a painless experience.

Keep Active on the Day You Go into Labor:

Labor will go much faster if you keep moving. Walk around, this will help labor go much faster and it will also help with passing your time.

Have a Soak in the Tub:



Having a nice soak in the tub when you are experiencing labor pains, that’s if your water didn’t break. The warm water will help a little with relieving the pain and warm water will also relax you. It can also help with speeding up labor.

Ask Your Partner to Massage You:

Not only will support from your partner make you feel better emotionally and mentally, but they can also help with massaging you. Whether it’s a head or back massage, either will make you feel better.

“Studies on the effects during pregnancy of the combination of yoga and tai chi, and yoga and massage therapy, have also revealed positive impacts on parents-to-be,” writes Ann Diamond Weinstein Ph.D.

What Foods Help and What You Should Avoid:

Stay away from greasy and oily foods during pregnancy and on you go into labor. You should also avoid sugary foods and drinks. Dates are good to consume during pregnancy and on the day, you go into labor, it helps with speeding up labor. Also, stay hydrated; drink lots of water. You can also try some tea and cinnamon and almond milk.


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