5 Effective Ways To Cope With Teenage Pregnancy (Psychiatry Sessions Needed!)

Unplanned pregnancy always triggers issues – physical, emotional, mental and financial. The case is much worse when it is about teenage pregnancy. Aside from it being unplanned, the mother of the baby is underage and still in their parent’s care. Teenage pregnancy can happen to anyone. With this, people should be open to the topic.

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Freaking out upon the discovery that your teenager is pregnant will not help at all. Instead, it is best that you sit down and have things sorted out in the event it happens. Everything is solvable when people are willing to calm down and talk.


Anyway, below are some tips on how to handle teenage pregnancy efficiently – for the teenager and her parents’ guidance.


Consult A Health Care Provider Or Specialist On Teenage Pregnancy


First, you have to consult the health care provider on teenage pregnancy. Know the limitations and the extent of their services. This way, you will know what services you are eligible to avail of. Ask recommendations from family and friends on who to consult with regarding teenage pregnancy.


Plan Of Action For Pregnant Teens


This action is the phase wherein you have to decide on what to do with the baby. Either you give it up for adoption, or keep it. For some, they also include surgical abortion as an option. Talk to a counselor and ask her to help think this through. Psychiatry sessions and therapy programs will open your mind to the issue. Take into consideration all the pros and cons of each choice, and decide which is best for you.


Be Ready To Face The Consequences Of Teenage Pregnancy


If you decide to keep the baby, then you have to prepare for the big responsibility that hangs alongside it. Raising a baby and taking care of your child while you’re also a “child” yourself is challenging. You have to be prepared for the additional work brought about by child-rearing. Consider the possibility that you will be spending fewer hours with your friends and more hours changing diapers and more.

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Stress That Comes With Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage pregnancy can bring in a lot of stress – physically, financially and emotionally as well. With this, you will need the support of your family and the father of the child, if he is still in the picture. Note that you cannot do this alone. You need someone to help you out on this journey.


If your parents and baby daddy are not willing to help you out, then you have to suck it up and put on your big girl panties. Get involved in a support group. Support groups can help you face the situation with square shoulders. It may be tough, but the group will make sure that you get through this. You can also talk to a psychiatrist for mental health help.

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Ensuring A Healthy Pregnancy


Pregnancy is all about the baby and you. With this, you need to get yourself healthy and active enough to carry on with the 9-month journey. You need to have a regular checkup with the OB-GYNE, drink preggy vitamins, and maintain a healthy diet program with some bit of exercise on the side. Whatever your situation may be, always bear in mind that you and the baby are the priority. It is also your obligation and role as the mother to safeguard the baby’s welfare even before birth.


Teenage pregnancy is indeed not easy. Stick to your decision, accept the reality of it, and then move on. It will become less stressful for you.

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