6 Ways To Beat Anxiety During Pregnancy


A few weeks or months ago, you were so thrilled to see two adjacent lines on your pregnancy test. Now, you might be feeling restless, worried, and unable to sleep because of the paranoia that something might go wrong. During this time, you might be experiencing various changes in your body and even in your whole life—random people touching your belly, your family treating you like a princess, and your partner panicking with you.

Believe it or not, anxiety is common during pregnancy. However, it is essential that this problem does not rule your life. There are several ways on how to beat pregnancy anxiety. Here are some which you can use to cope with your thoughts and emotions during this stage.

Look For Support

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If you are experiencing this feeling, you should talk to someone with what you are feeling. Your partner, family, or friends may be able to provide you with some support. You do not have to tell them everything; just releasing what you feel may help you ease your head a little bit.

If you do not have the courage to consult these people, you may also seek the help of a professional therapist who is trained to address these kinds of problem. You can even look for those who specialize in servicing pregnancy women.


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“Mediation is an easy and simple way to help deal with some of these challenges, making this memorable journey enjoyable.” says Dr. Sherry Ross, M.D., OB-GYN and women’s health expert at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA. If you have not tried meditation before, now is the perfect time to start. Meditation is an effective way to put out some stress and calm you. The goal of meditation is to alleviate your pregnancy anxiety by quieting your mind for a certain period. It might be difficult to attain, especially for beginners, but practicing on a regular basis will help you achieve this peace of mind.

To guide you, all you need is to position yourself in a quiet area for a minimum of 10 minutes. Some people prefer meditating in the morning so they can live peacefully throughout the day. However, others choose to do this before they go to sleep. The important thing is to make sure to meditate every day, preferably at the same time as well.

Choose A Doctor You Trust

It is crucial to look for a clinic and doctor whom you can trust. This way, you will be able to feel safe throughout your pregnancy. You should find yourself comfortable asking questions about the pregnancy and calling about concerns outside clinic hours. If ever your doctor is condescending and dismissive, make sure to see another doctor.

A piece of advice: if your doctor is not worried, you do not have to worry either. It means that you are going through normal pregnancy situations to the point that your doctor is confident with this since he or she has encountered many similar instances with that of yours.

Cut Down Your Stress

“Pregnant women need to be educated in recognizing when they have stress, the consequences and some of the simple things they can do to make a difference.” says Dr. Calvin Hobel, MD, director of maternal-fetal medicine at Cedars Sinai and a professor of obstetrics/gynecology and pediatrics at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Stress at work and home always increases anxiety. Even though you cannot avoid some degree of stress, it is still important to look for ways to reduce stress. Here are some suggestions for you to do:

  • Lessen your work hours if possible. Try to consult your bosses regarding this decision.
  • Make a schedule for your whole day. Doing this will help maximize your time and eventually avoid stressful happenings.
  • Ask help from your partner, friends, and families when it comes to errands and tasks in your home and work. This way, you will be able to lighten your load.


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“We know that exercise can, and does, alter brain chemicals such as endocannabinoids, GABA and glutamate, helping to improve both anxiety and depression,” says Dr Lynne Drummond, Consultant Psychiatrist and Senior Lecturer with South West London and St George’s NHS Mental Health Trust.  It is important to find activities where you can release your stress and anxiety. Physical activities release endorphins in your body which serve as natural painkillers inside your brain. Moving your body through yoga, jogging, running, or any other sport can help you with this. Any activity which gets your body moving can help you with this process.

For its full effectivity, doctors recommend dedicating at least 10 minutes of any kind of aerobic activity. However, it is crucial to speak with a professional with the best exercise routine which will not negatively affect the pregnancy.

Create A Journal

There may be times that you are not comfortable talking about your feelings, but it is essential that all of those emotions go somewhere. This way, it won’t build up inside you.

Starting a journal may be the best way to let out your thoughts without having to be scared of the fear of judgment. Writing these helps you reflect and organize all of your worries. It can help you track your stressors and triggers which your doctor can use to craft the best strategy for your recovery.

Anxiety during pregnancy is normal. However, you have to remember that what alleviates another individual’s anxiety might not lessen yours. Hence, it is important to try different strategies for you to be able to figure out what works for you.


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