How to Handle Teenage Pregnancy


How to Handle Teenage Pregnancy

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Hearing that you’re pregnant will enjoying teenage hood is never easy. Especially after you have made plans for the future and your career. It might sound as though your world has been shattered and that you have no chance of living your life and dreams ever again. This is false. It is normal to feel depressed and anxious during this stage, in this case, talk therapy might be necessary.

Many teenagers also feel frightened about how their parents might react when they find out that their daughter is pregnant. Pregnancy becomes stressful for teens.

How to Handle Teenage Pregnancy

Stress is harmful to pregnancy. You need to take care of yourself and your baby too. Here are some tips that can help you with making your pregnancy less stressful:

Visit a Pregnancy Center:

Search for pregnancy centers that are closest to you. You can check online for centers that are closest to you. At these centers, you can have tests done, ultrasounds, you will also get educated on pregnancy, sex, and planning. They will also help you to get through your pregnancy emotionally.


Talk to Your Parents and Inform Them About Your Pregnancy:



You need to inform your parents immediately. Don’t procrastinate telling them. They need to know. It might be scary for you and it will probably be quite a shock for them. They might also feel angry upon hearing about it. However, parents love their children unconditionally and they will support you. If you can’t speak to them, then you should consider speaking to another adult that you are close to, such as a sibling, teacher, another family member, grandparent, etc.

When You Consider Abortion or Adoption:

Your parents might suggest these options in anger. However, you need to think carefully about this. If you’re thinking about abortion, you might regret it later. It can also be traumatic If you’re considering adoption, you might also regret it and your child will also grow up feeling unwanted and unloved. So, think about your options carefully.

Inform Your Partner:


You’re not the only one that’s responsible for your pregnancy and the new life that is currently developing. Therefore, the partner should also share some of the responsibilities and his parents should also know about it. They can help you emotionally and financially as well.

Focus on Your Future:

As mentioned above, not all hope is lost. Your dreams are not shattered and you can continue to live your life, just as you planned with your baby. Make the necessary arrangements at your school. If you were planning to get a tertiary education, you can study online.

Be Receptive of Advice or Support:

During pregnancy, you will get emotional and it is important to be receptive of support that you will get. Seek support from your partner, parents, family members, friends, etc. The advice that you receive might also seem overwhelming, but everyone around you means well and they want to help you with having a healthy pregnancy.

Take Care of Yourself:


Accept your pregnancy and make peace with it. You also need to take care of your physical health. Eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest. You will need plenty of rest to help you get through. You can continue with your life during your pregnancy, you can attend school and study. However, in your third trimester, you might need to take some time off and relax.

Preparing for Birth:

Not only teens are afraid of this, but also adults. You should consult your midwife or doctor about the birthing options and seek advice from your parents and other adults. Be sure, to have lots of support on the day you go into labor.

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